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Like many mixed-gender sporting environments, men hugely outnumber women in our fencing community.  There are four top-level women locally.  One of those is women, and unabashedly my favorite, is Mora.  She is the one I want little girls to meet: both because of her temperament and because of her prowess.  She’s a good role model for other women in the community, and she’ll make even the best male fencers stand back and pick at her hands when they can’t close on her.

Mora and her husband Todde, were the only married couple to receive white scarves before the order closed.  Todde’s chaotic good presence translates on the fencing feel as fun-loving action and surprise.  You never really know what’s coming from Todde and I’m waiting for the day smoke sheds off him during a fight like it does from cartoon characters.

The two of them were a lovely couple’s consult and a lesson.  Usually there is an art to couple’s consults; in reaching a compromise.  They didn’t argue at all, so I walked away in a decidedly good mood.  Well, until I got home.   It turns out Todde and Mora didn’t argue because they both said yes to everything.

The result?  I laundry list of requests that included: bugs, birds of prey, foxes, rabbits, artichokes, cherry blossoms, nudes, them fencing fencing each other, acanthus, and gold!  And then two requests from people who love them: the lotus blossom in Mora’s white scarf, and an allusion to the Vineyard (the fencing school where she is a student).  Below is the result.