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The Order of the White Scarf of Caid, was a Grant level rapier combat award founded in 1997. Though a Grant of Arms is technically a mid level award, in the absence of a Peerage (Patent of Arms) or Rapier Combat, the White Scarves were treated like, and as respected as peers.

Mansur II announced the closing of the Order of the White Scarf at King’s Hunt 2015, in preparation for the new Order of Defense, the new Rapier Combat peerage.  The Order of the White Scarf will be replaced with a new Grant level rapier award. Those of us who found the community during the Age of the White Scarf will always be in awe of our heroes.

This Roll of Arms was completed to commemorate the closing of the Order. It contains the arms of all 29 Caidian White Scarves, plus three Out of Kingdom scarves, who we were fortunate came to live here permanently.  Prints were made for every living White Scarf.

It measures an impressive 5 ft tall (20″x60″). It was calligraphed by Master Thomas Brownwell, and illuminated by myself.  It was based heavily off Insignia Florentinorum.