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Laurel Medallions

The above Laurel Pelican medallions were made for two double-peers, who carry within the SCA a Patent of Arms.  A Laurel, for arts, and a Pelican for service.  The round one was for Dame Richenda Elizabeth Coffin, an embroidery Laurel.  The square one was for Master...

Roll-Up Heraldic Banner

This heraldic banner was commissioned for a local chapter of the SCA (an educational non-profit), by Paul and Joe Cook-Giles.  The banner is roughly 4x6 ft, and is oil on canvas.  The banner was left unvarnished so that it could be rolled up carted to and from various...

Why so serious?

Painted fencing mask done on commission for Matthew Pagan.  Based off the Joker for Batman.  It's my understanding it will be partnered with an over-coif (hood) to simulate the hair.