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The Mythmaker Group is a professional cooperative of writers, directors, animators, performing artists and other creative forces. They cultivate and draw talent from many disciplines throughout the entertainment industry in order to develop the best, most innovative platforms for original content.

The Mythmaker Group specializes in trans-media story design ranging from Film and Television to Interactive Web content and Graphic Novels to ARGs. Their team of owner-creators and consultants develop multiple concept to market strategies for their stories and those of our clients. They don’t just create your story, they make your story better.



Nora Kirkeby is the definition of professionalism with the talent to match. I approached Ms. Kirkeby for a logo and got the ideal logo for my company. Communicative, thorough and gifted, I look forward to using Ms. Kirkeby for future projects. She is a delight with which to collaborate and is also not afraid to tell you if something will not work. I wish everyone I professionally associated was like her.

Brian Dillingham

Creative Director, Mythmaker