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Michael Mallory was the fifth to be invited, and the sixth to be inducted into Caid’s Order of Defense as a Master.  The award recognizes him for prowess and skill on the fencing field, as well as exemplary contributions to the local community as both a leader and a teacher.  The above award certificate (scroll) was made to mark the occasion.

The piece used 27 sheets of gold leaf.  20 sheets of white gold, and an additional 7 sheets of yellow gold. The black on gold detail was executed using a period technique in which diluted glair is painted on top of the glair to provide a surface that the paint sticks to.

It’s primarily based on two references:

  • Armorial plates from the Order of the Golden Fleece (1559 CE)
  • Book of Hours of King Charles VIII of France (1494-1496 CE)

The arms are crested with a white scarfed arm.  The white scarf is the mark of the Order of the White Scarf, previously the highest possible fencing award.  The Order of the White Scarf was closed to make way for the new Order of Defense, and so recognizes our history by appearing here.  It is traditionally worn on the left arm, and is able to be sword-bearing because Master Mallory fences left-handed.  Caid only made 29 White Scarves (and adopted three others).  Fewer still will be able to claim both honors: a white scarved arm, and the white livery collar of the Order of Defense.

The calligraphy is by the ever talented Master Thomas Brownwell.

My experience with Nora on my Master of Defense scroll was extremely satisfying and I would not hesitate to recommend her work to others.

From the planning phase, where she took the time to present me with several options, concepts, and examples, meticulously detailing each one’s historical significance, to the final piece, which was painstakingly detailed and simply breathtaking, Nora was both professional and a joy to work with. She constantly updated me on her progress and made sure to consult with me on any changes or additions. Communication was beyond excellent, and it is clear that she is not only an amazing talent, but that her work is a labor of love.

It’s rare that one has the chance to work with someone of this caliber and I highly suggest you do not pass up the chance if you get it.


Mark Leberecht (Master Michael Mallory)

WSC, OD, Society for Creative Anachronism