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I have known Nora Kirkeby for about a year now. We met through a mutual hobby and an interest in Medieval and Renaissance history. I have watched this young lady flourish and create amazing pieces of art in various styles of scroll work from various countries and historical time periods. She has shown a dedication to her art that one rarely sees in an unpaid hobby. Her study and desire to achieve historical accuracy and yet make it mean something personally to the individual to receive the scroll is indeed inspiring.
Recently, there came an opportunity for such a scroll to be made for me. Much to my delight, Nora volunteered to make my scroll for me. After a brief consultation, she went off to create, what in my mind, is an incredible work of art. I gave her minimal input since I was unsure what I really wanted. Truly an artist’s nightmare! She managed to take the specific things that I did desire to be included, research what would be proper for the historical time period I am interested in and turn it into a work of art that I now hang proudly on my wall at home.
I cannot thank this young lady enough for her work, dedication and desire to not only achieve but to continually improve as she tackles each new challenge presented to her. It is because of the inspiration of people like Nora that people such as myself continue to find new joy in what we do.

Adam Lindsey AKA Colwyn Stagghorn

Master of Defense, SCA

The struggle to create a Rapier Peerage, a top tier award for fencing, in the Society for Creative Anachronism was real and spanned years.  Finally towards the end of 2014, and the beginning of 2015, the issue had boiled down, and an end was in site.

On March 7, 2015: At the Palio (Gyldenholt Calafia Friendship Tournament), Mansur II and Eilidh II invited Baron Alexander Kallidokos, Master Laertes McBride, and Don Colwyn Stagghorn to be created the first three Masters of Defense of Caid.  My question of course was:

Who is painting the scrolls?

Aliskye Rosel and Astrid Skálphæna illuminated the scrolls for Baron Alexander Kallidokos and Master Laertes McBride.  I was lucky enough to paint the scroll for the ever chivalrous Don Colwyn Stagghorn.  He made only one request: that I find a way to acknowledge his household, and his fighting unit, whom he felt had greatly contributed to his success.  Their badges are to the top left and right.

The calligraphy is by the ever talented Master Thomas Brownwell.