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Nora made me a scroll for my admission into the Order of the Laurel within the Society for Creative Anachronism.  I could not be happier with the job she did.  She designed and illuminated the scroll and oversaw the calligraphy with a meticulous eye to detail.  Even though I did not give her much direction in how I wanted the scroll designed, she went out of her way to research the topics and styles that were of interest to me, recreating and incorporating elements of my own personal research along with the design details I had asked for, in such a way as it created a piece that is not only beautiful, but incredibly meaningful to me.  I am honored that she would put as much work into the piece as she did, and my wife and I could not be happier to have this piece of art hanging in our house.

Jeff Jacobson (Don Lot)

Laurel and Master of Defense, SCA

Laurel scroll for Master Lot Ramirez.  Lot Ramirez became the second Laurel in Caid to be elevated for the research of historical combat.  The first was his teacher, Master Giacomo.

The frame of the piece contains the portraits of 11 fencing masters and one philosopher: Fiore dei’ Liberi, Capo Ferro, Agrippa, Marozzo, Carranza, Agrippa, Fabris, Saviolo, Di Grassi, Giganti, Castiglione, Thibault, and Meyer.

The calligraphy is by the ever talented Master Thomas Brownwell.  The piece is based off the Hours of Isabella d’Este.